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Since I was late getting in to Arrowhead Sunday, I missed the Eli Young Band flub the National Anthem.

I didn’t hear about it until today when Shan Sheriff, the 9-11AM show on 610 sports, was retweeting responses to his segment on it. If you want to hear that segment you can check out the podcast of the show here.

In a nutshell, Shan’s take is that Chiefs fans hypocritically boo the Eli Young Band’s boner, since Chiefs fans say home of the “Chiefs” in place of “Brave.” That Chiefs fans disrespect the anthem the same way the Eli Young Band did.

I agree with him but not for the same reasons. In extremely patriotic fashion, the fans of the Chiefs managed to class up Arrowhead with boos, jeers and general complaining. This brand of patriotism sold today is completely screwy. If you call what Chiefs fans did Sunday patriotism I want to revoke my fan card. What happened to picking up people? Where was the understanding and forgiveness for your fellow countryman? 

Patriotism isn’t so easy when it’s not some platitude you can slap on your car trunk. We’ve gotten away from the real meanings of things when they can’t be bought in 32 oz size for 59 cents. This micro approach to life just doesn’t do justice to how great things can be. Patriotism isn’t about symbols or lyrics or anthems or any of that. It’s acceptance of people for who and what they are. Their strengths and their weaknesses.

I remember how much of an outsider I felt like when Bush, W. sent our young men and women to Iraq. I remember the “if you don’t like it, then get out” bullshit coming from these troglodytes mouths. Is this the kind of attitude you want to foster? Do we have to be so hateful to each other? So the band messed up, this does not give you free reign to redefine patriotism. This, “haha! you messed up” attitude is wearing me out.

So Eli Young Band fucked up the National Anthem lyrics? So what. Life goes on. That moment is forgotten. The boo birds during the National Anthem on Sunday are forever zombie.

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